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For many couples, the worst aspect of divorce is that the proceedings are public, nothing is confidential, and a judge who may not know much about you, or care, issues a decree that will restructure the way you live. A Collaborative Law divorce can solve many of those related concerns.

Can Your Divorce Issues Be Resolved Outside Of Court?

Collaborative divorce is an approach designed to sidestep the courts as much as possible making a divorce more private. I pride myself on being an enthusiastic and experienced collaborative law counselor. A form of uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce is an approach that may be what you are looking for.

Collaborative divorce means that both sides retain divorce lawyers experienced in the approach. Both sides agree to work together to fashion an agreement without going to court. (If even one party or attorney threatens to go to court, both attorneys must withdraw and the clients must obtain new representation.)

A Focus On Creative Problem-Solving

Collaborative teams make use, when appropriate, of other professionals, often bringing “divorce coaches” aboard—mental health professionals skilled at moving people past emotional obstacles in the process. In cases involving financial complexities, CPAs or Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, may help the two sides reach agreement on financial matters.
The net effect of the collaborative approach is that decisions seem more manageable and less confrontational. Best of all, people feel in control of a difficult and very personal process.

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