Family Law Firm Overview

‘Wayne Ward, The Problem-Solver’

I am known throughout Tarrant County, and Parker County as a problem solver. And I bring an attitude of positively resolving a divorce or other family law issue:

  • I have powerful analytical skills to manage even the most challenging property division problems.
  • I offer great empathy and communication skills to bring both sides to the negotiating table even when they are barely speaking.

My Family Law Firm is Built on a Foundation in Business & Finance

My education and skill set are ideally situated for individuals facing complex divorces or other financially related family law issues. First, I hold a Master’s in business along with my law degree. I am the owner of a small business, myself. This means I not only have a good grasp of the law, but also also of finance and economics, which has proven very valuable to clients.

And, before becoming a family law attorney, I was a tax attorney. Early on in my career, I agreed to handle a divorce case, and was surprised when that couple recommended me to another couple, and then that couple passed my name on, and so on and so forth. My divorce practice blossomed from there.

I’m also a people-person. I know many folks say that, but here’s the thing. I’m down to earth, I bring humor in whenever possible, and I empathize with the best of them. Moreover, I bring consideration, reassurance and calm to stormy proceedings. People relax and start talking. Issues that seemed unsolvable get solved after all.

I have heard from more than one mental health professional a statement such as this, “You have a better handle on this than most family law firms. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”

A True Texas Family Law Expert

I am certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Only a handful of Texas lawyers can say they are actually experts in family law. I am proud to say that I am one of them.

Want to Know More About Me, V. Wayne Ward, The Problem-Solver?

Then I encourage you to call my Fort Worth, Texas, divorce and family law firm, Law Office of V. Wayne Ward, at 817-789-4436. We will discuss your situation and what you want to happen. If you prefer, you may also write me a note using this online form.