Collaborative law arrangements make Texas divorces easier

When a married couple decides they no longer wish to continue their legal union, the break-up doesn’t have to end in fights and tears. In fact, the strategy known as collaborative law is turning many divorces into cleaner, friendlier experiences for everyone involved. In Texas, collaborative law may just be the ideal solution for men and women seeking amicable divorces.

The idea behind collaborative law is that everyone can win. Assets are divided between the divorcing persons, and custody agreements are made proactively. If all parties are on board with the process, it can create a smooth transition. As one divorcing couple in another state was quick to tell the media, collaborative law allowed them to avoid litigation and anger. They essentially walked away from their marriage with no hard feelings.

Collaborative law presents an open forum that doesn’t include courtroom events. Thus, for couples who are amenable to this form of divorce proceedings, it’s the perfect way to move toward a future without their former partner. Though collaborative law started among those who were rich (and, therefore, wanted a more private method of separating their assets), it is now becoming more popular among those in the middle class.

The collaborative law method is relatively straightforward: Via a series of meetings, a divorcing couple in Texas, along with their attorneys and other representatives (such as mental health experts) figure out the best ways to dissolve their union. No stone is left unturned, and everyone walks away from the table with a clear understanding of how to proceed. Even judges are fans of this type of divorce process, as it keeps their courts from becoming battlegrounds unnecessarily. In essence, there are no “losers,” which makes it ideal for any man and woman who want a divorce without undue messiness.

Source: The Tampa Tribune, Kinder, gentler divorces take the bite out of break-ups, Ray Reyes, Sept. 15, 2013