Community Property, Assets, & Debts in Divorce

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Running into complex problems while attempting to divide community property, assets, and debts during your divorce? I am board certified family law attorney V. Wayne Ward. I have more than 30 years of experience separating shared property and dividing debt as a divorce attorney. I can help you keep the belongings that are most important to you.

Ensure that your rights are protected when your property is divided. Contact us by email or call 817-789-4436 to speak with a Fort Worth lawyer. We can work with you to establish which assets are community property and which are separate property.

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Community or Separate Property?

Many people have asked about the difference between community and separate property. Generally, separate property is property that was owned prior to the marriage. It can also include belongings that were inherited or received as a gift by only one member of the couple.
Community property generally consists of all other property. Most items obtained during a marriage in Texas are considered community property. As your family law attorney, I can point out the differences in your assets and divide your community property efficiently.

Let Me Help You Resolve Your Complicated Property Division Issues

Some property division cases are relatively simple and straightforward, while others are downright convoluted. The complexity and stress of dividing assets and debts only increases with wealthier couples or couples with large amounts of debt. For some parties, fighting for everything makes sense. For others, letting the house go—and all the payments associated with it—may be the correct decision. I know how to take the emotion out of dividing assets of couples who have:

The Experience and Knowledge You Need

A family lawyer needs to know a lot about everything. Not only am I a certified expert in the arena of family law, but I also have an MBA. My education gives me a leg-up when helping you with property division or debt division. For instance, for one couple, my knowledge of marketing helped to sell a copyrighted name of a mortgage company, thereby creating an asset that others might not have seen.

Additionally, I understand oil and gas royalties, and have the finance and economics background required to assist with the valuation of closely held businesses. Come to me to protect your defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, and to get help with your other complex property division issues.

Get Help With Your Community Property & Debt Division Issues. Call Me Today.

Need assistance with your property or debt division issues during your divorce? Contact me by email or call 817-789-4436. I will help you reach a settlement or take your issue to trial to protect your assets.

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