Amber Portwood’s child custody dispute over

Texans who watch the program “Teen Mom” are most likely familiar with Amber Portwood. The TV personality recently fought a child custody battle with her ex-fiance over custody of her daughter. She was able to win her case by remaining sober and by showing financial responsibility.

Ms. Portwood’s troubles began in 2011. At that time, she was charged with domestic violence for reportedly abusing her ex-fiance in front of her children. At that time, she agreed to give her ex custody of their children. She then reportedly asked the judge to sentence her to prison because she reportedly said she could not overcome her drug addiction problems on her own.

The court sentenced her to five years of incarceration but released her after she had served 17 months. She reportedly has been able to maintain her sobriety since being out of custody, and she has also demonstrated responsibility by paying her bills in a timely manner. After a bitter fight for custody, she and her ex-fiance were able to come to a custody agreement for her daughter in July.

Ms. Portwood’s case demonstrates that even parents who have problematic pasts may be able to get custody or visitation if they have made positive changes in their lives. A family law attorney representing a client who is in a custody dispute can review the circumstances and then determine the best way to proceed. This could include helping the client who has a substance abuse problem to get needed treatment and to take active steps to regain some of the parental rights.

Source: Examiner, “Amber Portwood wins child custody case and stands by Matt Baier,” Gail Delaney, Dec. 18, 2015