Preparing before initiating divorce proceedings

Although divorce might seem like an unusual New Year’s resolution, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reports that there is often an increase of approximately 33 percent in divorce filings during the month of January. Some Texas residents may find that this is the ideal time to make a new start by ending a bad marriage. However, a decision based on emotions or initiated without clearly evaluating the implications could lead to unanticipated difficulties.

Experts recommend involving financial professionals and a psychologist in one’s preparation process. A psychologist or counselor may provide an objective assessment of the situation so that people can be sure that their head is clear as they plan for the end of a marriage. A financial planner provides the same type of assessment in connection with the monetary implications of a divorce. Although there may be emotional issues that make divorce seem appealing, the financial side of the matter could be costly. In some cases, it might be preferable to consider resolving financial issues before exiting a marriage. In other cases, a financial professional might be able to help with solutions to contentious financial issues affecting a marriage.

Issues such as prenuptial agreements and child custody can be important factors in a divorce. In filing for divorce, contentions could increase. It may be wise to alter entry codes for a home security system to avoid unpleasant confrontations. It is also important to ensure confidentiality in the proceedings by working with professionals who are not related to or otherwise connected to one’s family.

Although many divorces are contentious, there are cases in which both parties are interested in making a clean break with minimal legal activity. Even in those situations, however, a divorcing spouse should have the assistance of an attorney in negotiating a settlement agreement and then submitting it to the court for its approval.