Reba McEntire divorce finalized

Texas country music fans may have heard about the impending divorce of singer Reba McEntire. It was finalized on Oct. 28. She and her husband had been together for 26 years.

Her now ex-husband, Narvel Blackstock, is also her manager. McEntire says they are still friends, and they released a statement when they announced their separation in August saying they will continue to work together. They had actually been separated for some time by the time they announced it publicly, and at the time of the announcement, they did not say whether they intended to divorce. McEntire announced that the divorce was final on Facebook.

The couple have one son together. McEntire, who is 60, has had a career as both an actress and a musician, and Blackstock manages a number of other musicians including Kelly Clarkson.

While McEntire and Blackstock’s divorce has appeared to be amicable, this is not the case for all couples. Whether or not a divorce is amicable, a person who is getting a divorce may want to discuss the situation with an attorney who has family law experience. An attorney might be able to answer a person’s questions about the process and discuss the best strategies for division of property and negotiating child custody. Texas is a community property state, but this does not necessarily mean that all marital property is divided exactly in half. For example, it might be possible for one spouse to keep one asset and for the other spouse to keep a different asset. An attorney may also assist if there is a dispute about what counts as marital property. For example, an inheritance may or may not be marital property depending on how it is handled.

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