Unhappy This New Year 2020? You’re Not Alone

One of the fundamental problems we face as human beings is our “tiny skull-shaped kingdoms,” as the writer David Foster Wallace once put it. We see things through our individual points of view, our own perspectives. We can’t help it. And we often can’t help but think that difficult circumstances—the prospect of divorce, for example—is something that we alone must face. That we’ve failed. After all, everyone else is doing so much better, right?

Take it from a divorce lawyer: You’re not alone. 

No One Likes to Think About Divorce Over Christmas

There are exceptions to this rule (as there are for most rules), but in general, people don’t like to deal with divorce and family law matters in December. As the holidays approach, you look forward to a break from work and a chance for quality time with friends and family. You want to forget (for a moment, anyway) that your marriage is troubled and perhaps headed toward divorce, or that there’s a nagging problem involving property and assets to resolve. 

This may have been you over the holidays. 

Perhaps you did your best to ignore or forget your doubt and anxiety—or any of a number of emotions ranging from guilt to anger. 

But these emotions kept popping up in the back of your mind. And every time you felt them, part of you believed that you’re alone in what you’re dealing with.           

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You Can Always Recover 

But if the holidays are a time for a lull in divorce court, the opposite often happens after the New Year. That’s when family law attorneys get busy because more people decide to move ahead with legal proceedings. And if these people thought their circumstances were unique, that they’ve failed and can never recover, they quickly learn that there is always a way to recover, whether or not their marriages survive.      

Call Us to Learn How to Move Forward

This blog post isn’t meant to encourage divorce or rationalize it. Nor is it meant to discount or trivialize how you’re feeling. To be sure, every case is different, with different facts and circumstances that must be resolved from a legal perspective. 

But the underlying human problem is universal and is often made worse over the holidays. 

If that’s where you are—thinking that you’re alone—come in and talk with us. We’re experienced lawyers and counselors. We’ll help you chart a path forward. Call 817-789-4436 or send us a message online to get started.