The ups and downs of celebrity life and child support

The life of the rich and more or less famous can be both a boon and a curse for those in the public eye. When a celebrity is having difficulties with child support, whether court ordered or not, everyone seems to be aware of them. Thankfully these public problems do not affect the rest of the less well known, especially the ordinary residents in Texas.

The latest dust up in a seemingly endless line of troubles public figures encounter, concerns whether a new romantic interest of a reality actress is meeting his child support obligations. Meanwhile the actress involved is also paying support for a child of her own. The boyfriend in question has stated that he has not been ordered to pay any support. Reportedly the man’s daughter is being cared for by the child’s maternal grandparents.

The boyfriend and the child’s mother do have visitation rights. In addition, there is an agreement that if either parent is uncomfortable with a new relationship that either parent is engaged in, and then visits with the child will be made under supervision. The actress is also reportedly making child support payments of her own.

The issues regarding child support, custody and visitation are very personal and sometimes difficult for the parties involved. Having to work out and understand all of the requirements that may be ordered are complex enough without the glare that celebrity brings. Fortunately for parents and children in Texas, there are child support enforcement programs in place and persons knowledgeable about family laws that can provide assistance in helping parents meet child support obligations.

Source:, “Jenelle Evans & Boyfriend Under Attack As He’s Called ‘Deadbeat’ Dad,” Alexis Tereszcuk, July 5, 2013