Divorce more likely for couples who argue early about money

It seems like it may be difficult to get along in a marriage with someone who handles money and financial problems differently than his or her partner. What’s known is that there’s a statistical correlation between arguing over money early in a marriage and the prospect for that marriage to end in divorce. In Texas and nationwide, arguing about money is by far the top predictor of divorce.

The positive correlation between arguing about money and divorce appears to apply across the board. It’s not children, sex, in-laws or anything else. Early arguments about money may thus be an ominous predictor of the stability of one’s marriage and the prospect of divorce.

The study, which covered an examination of 4,500 couples to determine a relationship between financial issues and divorce, was published in 2012. The research also concluded that money and financial arguments were more involved and intense than other types of arguments. It also indicated that when a couple is first together and already arguing about money, the chances are that they’re going to have poor ‘relationship satisfaction’.

The above study was preceded, in Sept. 2011, with a University of Missouri research study that said that couples who receive government assistance are more likely to divorce. It seems logical that those who receive government assistance may also have a tendency to be arguing about money more than normal. But what is it about a money argument that signals a divorce?

The answer to that question for residents of Texas and elsewhere has not been clearly stated. However, it may be that money arguments go to the heart of the family’s security and stability. A relationship that finds itself mired in financial conflict early in the marriage may be one that is doomed to divorce unless the financial issues are resolved to assure at least a modicum of financial stability. It may not be so much the arguing about money that causes the breakup, but rather the lack of money necessary to maintain a relatively worry-free zone of security. With insufficient funds often stirring intensive stress, many individuals will opt out and view divorce as a way to start fresh and try again.

Source:  Huffington Post, “Divorce Study: Financial Arguments Early In Relationship May Predict Divorce,” July 12, 2013