The plea for adoption heard around the world

As many of our readers here in Texas know, there are people around world looking to adopt a child. But while we most often hear about the adult’s attempt to find a child, we rarely get to hear perhaps the most important side of the story: the child trying to find a family. But readers got this rare chance recently when a child’s plea for adoption went viral, grabbing the attention of prospective parents around the world.

Some of our readers may be familiar with the case of Davion Only, the 15-year-old boy who stood up in front of his congregation in October and made a plea for a family. It wasn’t long before his story captured people’s attention worldwide, soon prompting calls from as close as Canada to as far away as Australia from parents looking to adopt the teen. According to a spokesperson who knows about the boy’s case, he had been in foster care his entire life and really just wanted a chance to have a family and a better life.

More than 10,000 offers were made but only one has been tentatively accepted at this time.  According to Only’s spokesperson, he is currently getting to know a potential family and will be spending the holidays with them.  As the spokesperson explained, they want to make sure that the family and the 15-year-old mesh well together and that placement with the family is a good fit.  Although it will be a “step by step progression,” the current chosen family could eventually file for adoption, soon giving the teen his holiday wish.

Source: ABC News, “Florida Orphan Davion Only Spending Christmas With Prospective Family,” Alyssa Newcomb and Christina Ng, Dec. 13, 2013