The Growing Problem of International Child Abduction

Contrary to popular belief, child custody disputes that result in so-called parental abductions are not always confined to city, county or even state lines. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for a divorced parent – one who is not originally from the United States – to take their children and return to their home nation without receiving permission from the court.

According to the State Department, in 2009 alone, there were 1,135 reported cases of international child abductions, (an increase of 493 from 2006).

Unfortunately, these child abductions can create a real legal nightmare for parents seeking to bring their children back to the United States.

Today’s post is the first in a series and will briefly examine why so many divorces can culminate in accusations of international child abduction.

When two people of different nationalities are married, they may bring entirely different views regarding parenting to the marriage. Nevertheless, out of both love and respect for one another, the couple may decide to comprise and work together to raise their children. Similarly, one parent may simply choose to sacrifice their own views on parenting for the sake of family harmony.

When the couple decides to end their marriage, however, the need to compromise or put aside views regarding parenting is no longer necessary. As a result, either parent is able to express and enforce their views regarding parenting.

Unfortunately, this can engender further hostility between the now-separated spouses and result in bitter child custody battles. In fact, the hostility may become so great that one parent takes the children (without permission) back to their home country, resulting in potential international child abduction charges and a legal dilemma for the parent here in the United States.

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