Self-Care During Your Divorce

Few life events are more stressful than going through a divorce. Everything you knew is suddenly changed. Knowing how to take care of yourself during this period can make all the difference in the outcome.

Stay Healthy

Your health is critical for success in any area of your life. Feeling good and having the energy to accomplish what you need is crucial. During this time, you’re probably feeling distracted so it’s important to be reminded of things like:

  • Exercise: Physical activity is a great way to channel your feelings and clear your head.
  • Diet: Eating healthy translates to feeling better. Every bit helps.
  • Sleep: Getting 7-8 hours of good sleep nightly will help keep your head clear and focused.
  • Moderation: Temptations can be strong during this time. Making good choices will serve you best.

You’re making important decisions that will impact the rest of your life. Being tired, sick or distracted will only make the process more difficult.

Not Just Physical Health

Your emotional and psychological health equally important. Just as you go to the gym, take a run or see a doctor for your physical health, get the resources to stay emotionally healthy.
See a therapist. Even if you never have before and scared to death of how it reflects on you, don’t dismiss the idea. A good, empathetic, compassionate therapist can help significantly. For many of us, it takes years to process the feelings around a divorce. Working through the feelings with a trained professional can facilitate healing, build self-esteem and help you move on with your life.

Take Time for Yourself

A common mistake during this time is to rush into another relationship. Often, we want to replace the partnership we lost with a new one. The problem is, we aren’t ready for a new relationship until we’ve properly mourned the previous one.
Divorce is an opportunity. It’s a chance for you to reconnect with yourself. What are your goals? Your dreams? What type of future do you want to build for yourself? Answer these questions before considering what kind of partner you want to bring along.

Spend Time With Friends and Family

Loneliness is part of the process. Instead of latching on to a new relationship prematurely or isolating yourself, find your support network.
Spend time with the people who know you and appreciate you. Make a deal to have a buddy check in on you once a week. Keeping connected with others will help you heal.

Get the Best Legal Help

Having a compassionate lawyer who knows how hard divorce is and can advocate for your needs is peace of mind. Let our legal knowledgeable team take the worry out of your divorce. We want to be an ally in building your best future. Contact us today to talk to someone who is ready to help.