Perhaps Divorce Should Not Be A New Year’s Resolution

Americans view the New Year as a way to get a fresh start. The new calendar year provides us with the incentive to correct all the wrongs of the past year and to make improvements in our lives. When celebrating the New Year with friends, we often make ambitious resolutions too quickly. This sometimes includes the decision to get a divorce.

Unfortunately, many unhappy couples use the exhilaration of the New Year as an excuse to end a marriage, especially after coming off of a stressful Christmas season. The decision to divorce is not one that should be made lightly or quickly.

In a major syndicated column, life coach Laurie Giles reminds us that divorce has many unanticipated costs and consequences. When considering a divorce, she advises individuals to consider the problem from a financial, legal, and emotional standpoint.

First, individuals need to examine their emotions. They must ask themselves why they want to get divorced. Is it because of a fight or have the problems been ongoing? Also, couples need to consider marriage counseling as a first step before deciding to get divorced. If there are children involved, couples need to consider what emotional impact a divorce might have on the kids.

Next, individuals and couples should be aware that divorce is expensive. In addition to legal fees, there are also the division of property and assets to consider. After a divorce, can you live on just one income? Can you afford child support or the cost of raising kids?

Finally, those considering a divorce should know that it can be legally complicated. A good divorce lawyer will help you through the process, but legal battles can be long and emotionally draining. Factors such as determining child custody are always contentious.

Divorce is sometimes the best option. However the decision to get a divorce should always be carefully thought out and all options should be weighed. It should never be a decision which is reached just before the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve.

Source:, “New Year, New Life?” Laurie Giles, 30 December 2010