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Child support is never as straightforward as one would think, regardless of whether it is an issue during a divorce proceeding or as a standalone case. Through my law firm—Law Office of V. Wayne Ward—I can guide you through the complex Texas child support laws.

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Under Texas law, judges must follow a strict set of guidelines in determining child support payments. But the laws aren’t exactly set in stone, and a good attorney knows all the factors that may be able to convince a judge to defer to his or her own judgment.

As a certified expert in family law, I know those factors. I know that you may be paying for the child to go to college. You may have to provide a home and health insurance, or there may be a co-parenting arrangement that should alter your payment obligations.

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I am family law attorney V. Wayne Ward. I have more than 30 years of legal experience. I have become one of the most highly respected family lawyers in the area. I can help you with any support case, whether you’re the custodial parent or you’re working to protect your noncustodial parental rights.

As your lawyer, I will ensure that you are involved at every step of the way during a child support case. Together, we will take all the information that is available to persuade the judge in making a decision that benefits you and your child.


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