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Child support  is never as straightforward as one would think, regardless of whether it is an issue during a divorce proceeding or as a standalone case. Through my law firm—Law Office of V. Wayne Ward—I can guide you through the complex Texas child support laws.

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Under Texas law, judges must follow a strict set of guidelines in determining child support payments. But the laws aren’t exactly set in stone, and a good attorney knows all the factors that may be able to convince a judge to defer to his or her own judgment.

As a certified expert in family law, I know those factors. I know that you may be paying for your child to go to college. You may have to provide a home and health insurance, or there may be a co-parenting arrangement that should alter your payment obligations.

Compassion * Experience * Results

I am family law attorney V. Wayne Ward. I have more than 30 years of legal experience. I have become one of the most highly respected family lawyers in the area. I can help you with any child support case, whether you’re the custodial parent or you’re working to protect your noncustodial parental rights.

Ensuring You Get the Money You Require to Care for Your Child

The children’s best interests always come first in any case involving their welfare. When it comes to child support, I’m here to represent parents who wish to ensure they receive full support payments to ensure their children have access to everything they need as they grow up.

Your sole focus should be caring for your children, not fighting for financial support. When you want a custody decree or agreement that meets your children’s needs, reach out to me.

Helping You Provide for Your Child Without Getting Taken by the System

One of the biggest fears my clients have when they come to me to discuss child support is being taken advantage of or being taken for more money than they have. These fears come from the same place: not understanding the system and not having a trusted advocate who can guide you through it.

My goal is to have you feel confident in your situation. I will help you understand what you’re facing, what you can expect moving forward, and what protections are in place to ensure you and your child are taken care of, from the initial support arrangement through to modification requests. I can also be your advocate if you have child support arrears and would like to make back child support payments.

Call Me, Attorney Wayne Ward For Child Support Help

As your lawyer, I will ensure that you are involved at every step of the way during a child support case. Together, we will take all the information that is available to persuade the judge in making a decision that benefits you and your child.

Contact me today. As an experienced attorney, I can help you through your child support case. Call 817-789-4436 to learn more.

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