No longer a passing fad, divorce coaches provide real support

While entering into a marriage can seem like an easy decision, getting out of it may not seem quite so simple. There are many details and time-consuming tasks that will need to be addressed, and the process can quickly become overwhelming — sometimes even if you have an experienced attorney helping you out.

To make the divorce process less emotionally draining and mentally taxing, some soon-to-be divorcees are turning to so-called divorce coaches to guide them through this process. Divorce coaches are a fairly new trend that is seeing attorneys, psychotherapists and other professionals rebrand themselves.

Today, some divorce coaches specialize in specific aspects of a divorce, and some couples may employ multiple coaches to address various sticking points in the divorce process.

Experts caution that you have to be careful when hiring a divorce coach because many lack actual training and/or experience. However, if you find a good coach there can be some legitimate ways they can help.

For example, a divorce coach can offer some strong guidance in the early stages of the divorce, simplifying some aspects of the process and giving you a chance to discuss your issues in a cost-effective manner.

Furthermore, a divorce coach can provide invaluable emotional support throughout the process. Divorce can be an ostracizing time for those involved, and it can stir up feelings of loneliness. Divorce coaches can provide their clients with a sense of support while providing a safe, nonjudgmental space to air their feelings.

Finally, divorce coaches can also help keep you organized and on-task throughout the entire divorce process, taking over some of the more complicated processes and helping explain how certain process work. In the end, the explanation and guidance can save clients time and money.

It is extremely important to note that while divorce coaches can be very helpful, they are not a substitute for the services of a qualified divorce attorney. In fact, divorce coaches almost always work in conjunction with attorneys.

“I love them, and if I had my way, I’d never work without them,” said one Chicago-based attorney. “They help manage the clients and support them by bringing a different set of skills to the divorce process than we do.”

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