Mental Health Professional

Life Planning After a Divorce

Life after divorce can be complicated. It is important to talk with someone who understands splitting up and has your best interests in mind. Over the years, my family law firm has seen people have problems in this area, so I incorporated a network of life planners into my practice to assist you. Together, we can all create plan to help you move on with your life.

Talking to someone about your divorce is important no matter how amicable the process was. Contact my law firm by email to speak with me, an attorney who has hundreds of life-planning cases under his belt. Looking out for your best interest is my main goal when helping you proceed with your life.

Wayne Ward and his staff helped me get through one of the most stressful and emotional decisions of my life. — L.K.S.

Whatever It Takes To Get You Move Forward in a Healthy Way

Your thought processes can change after you are divorced, and getting used to interacting as a single person can be an unusual process. As your lawyer, I will work with my handpicked team of professional mental health coaches to help you:

  • Deal with time away from your children
  • Move to and live in a new area
  • Interact with friends who only know you as a couple
  • Live on a single income

Your mental health is important to me, and I will go to extremes to get you the assistance you need. Moreover, I thoroughly involve you in your case to get you the results you actually want.

A Diverse Network of Life Coaches Able to Handle any Issue

No matter what your background and no matter what issue you are facing, I know a professional mental health coach who can relate to you. At my Fort Worth law office, you will be connected with outside social workers, counselors and mental health experts. This team will help you overcome depression and remove anxiety from your life.

At all times, I focus on your strengths and your wants to get you the results you are looking for. Contact me by email or call 817-789-4436 to speak with me, Wayne Ward, a Texas divorce lawyer. I will work with you and a team of mental health coaches to get you on the road to relief.

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