NBA star headed for championship and divorce court

Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, basketball season officially ended for many people the moment the Mavericks missed the playoffs for the first time since the 1999-2000 season. However, the most avid basketball fans are still following the playoffs closely, particularly the unlikely march of the San Antonio Spurs into the NBA Finals.

As it turns out, one of the Spurs star players, Tim Duncan, is currently in the midst of divorce proceedings.

According to reports, Duncan’s wife of nearly 12 years officially filed for divorce back on March 27 in Bexar County, Texas. However, Duncan’s divorce attorney recently filed a motion requesting that the discovery date for the proceedings be officially pushed back until 30 days after the official end of the season.

“[Tim Duncan] requests that either the discovery should be abated until a future date or the court should give T.T.D 30 days following the first work day following the San Antonio Spurs’ last playoff game (whenever that might be) to respond to the outstanding discovery request,” read the document.

Given that the documents indicate that both parties agreed to the requested extension, it appears likely that the presiding family court judge will grant the motion.

Interestingly, other media sources are reporting that Duncan and his wife previously executed a prenuptial agreement and that he will seek to have it enforced.

For those unfamiliar with prenuptial agreements, they are essentially legally binding contracts executed by a future husband and wife before they are married. Simply put, they allow couples to decide in advance how their property will be classified (marital v. separate) and divided.

Even if the couple does not have a prenuptial agreement, it appears as if they might be able to resolve their differences amicably — much like Duncan’s Spurs teammate Tony Parker did with then-wife Eva Longoria.

Some of the advantages of an uncontested Texas divorce, meaning a divorce where the couple is able to agree on all major issues (including property division and alimony/spousal maintenance, etc.) include:

  • Preservation of the relationship: Since couples avoid a lengthy and potentially unpleasant courtroom battle, there is a much better chance that they can maintain a civil relationship moving forward
  • Time: Uncontested divorces can be finalized in Texas in 60 days. This makes sense since all major issues have been agreed upon by the couple and contested hearings are unnecessary
  • Expenses: As previously stated, since all important issues were resolved by the couple in advance, legal expenses will likely be kept to a minimum

Consider speaking with an experienced and skilled legal professional to learn more about whether traditional dissolution of marriage, divorce mediation or collaborative divorce is right for your situation.

This post is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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