Child support woes continue for boxing great

When it comes to child support, all parents are expected to make their full payments in a timely manner. Any failure to do so can have dramatic consequences, ranging from wage garnishment and freezing of bank accounts to seizure of tax refunds and jail time. In fact, one former heavyweight boxing champion is now learning all about these consequences the hard way.

According to reports, celebrity and boxing icon Evander Holyfield was originally ordered by a Georgia court to pay over $500,000 in back child support to the mother of one of his eleven children via monthly payments of $2,950. While Holyfield made these payments for awhile, he has since fallen behind to the tune of $327,858.

In light of these missed payments, the Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Child Support Services recently petitioned a family court for permission to initiate the process of suspending Holyfield’s driver’s license as a means of persuading him to make the necessary payments.

Unfortunately for the former champ, the court granted the motion and the agency is now free to proceed with taking away his driving privileges.

What makes this story so remarkable is that Holyfield is estimated to have earned upwards of $250 million during his boxing career. However, various financial pitfalls ranging from divorce and other child support debts, to back taxes, lawsuits and poor investment decisions have seen much of this fortune disappear.

In fact, Holyfield was recently evicted from his enormous Georgia mansion after being unable to make payments toward his $14 million debt.

A hearing to discuss Holyfield’s progress in paying off the child support arrears is currently scheduled for August.

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