MLB player accused of not supporting 2 secret children

Baseball fans in Texas know that their favorite players are not exempt from real-life problems. Headlines have popped up about Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon, age 42. Reports swirling around a new court filing allege that Colon failed to make child support payments for two children born outside of his marriage.

Although Colon has yet to make a public comment about the case, a man at the pitcher’s home denied the accusations. The unidentified man stood behind the front door of the baseball player’s home when he responded to questions. He insisted that Colon had never missed a payment.

This season, Colon is expected to earn $7 million. He has been married to his wife for 21 years. They met and started dating as teenagers. During that time, they have raised four sons. The mother of the other two children in the child support case is 38 years old and lives in Washington Heights.

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Source: New York Daily News, “Bartolo Colon hasn’t failed to support his two secret love children, associate says“, Molly Crane-Newman, May 18, 2016