Difficulties in child custody and visitation

Parents in Texas who are getting a divorce should try to focus on making the process less difficult for their children. Unfortunately, parents often run into conflict over child custody, visitation and support. In a divorce that is particularly contentious, parents might end up returning to court frequently in order to get various parts of their agreement enforced.

Some parents might try to restrict the other parent’s contact with the child. This might include preventing the child from talking to the parent on the phone or not allowing the child to meet with them on visitation days. Those who are on the receiving end of parental alienation may have little choice but to go through the court system in order to restore access to their children. In the meantime, experts say they should document every missed contact for the court hearing.

Another issue is parents who do not turn up for visitation. This can be upsetting for a child who is already suffering from a loss of stability. Parents who do not honor visitation agreements might face fines or other penalties. If they are struggling to balance other aspects of their life with parenting, they need to arrange a visitation or custody schedule that fits into their lifestyle rather than repeatedly disappointing the child.

These can be difficult aspects to navigate even when parents are getting along. If they share joint custody, each parent has to deal with the emotions around only seeing their child half of the time that they are accustomed to. However, if parents make an effort to approach child custody negotiations in a reasonable way, they might be happier with the outcome. An attorney might be able to assist a parent at this time whether the parents are able to come to an agreement outside of the courtroom or they have to turn to litigation.