Man fights his ex-girlfriend to get custody of their dog

Many people think of their pets as members of the family, but a New York man has gone further than most people might by engaging in an expensive legal battle to gain custody of his dog, who is now living thousands of miles away with his ex-girlfriend. The emotions — and expenses — are now running so high that it is beginning to resemble a bitter child custody dispute.

In fact, the distraught dog owner, who was recently the subject of a piece in The New York Post, has created a website to raise money to continue his legal fight to get his beloved dog back. Shockingly, he informed the Post that he has already spent $60,000, and hopes to raise an additional $20,000 through his site.

He says that after he and his ex-girlfriend broke up, she kidnapped the dog and took him from New York City to California. He acknowledges that some people might find his story strange. His website even says, “I know it might sound funny and I understand that. If it wasn’t so painful, I would be laughing too (I mean, c’mon – dognapp – really?) but this is very serious to me and I miss him a lot.”

His ex, meanwhile, says that he “unconditionally gifted” the dog to her and that the dog enjoys being in California where he can run off-leash on the beach. The unhappy “dad” says that the dog loves New York and hates water. Thus far, he has raised $4,750, with 26 days left to reach his goal of $20,000.

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