Father of 30 kids with 11 women experiencing child support woes

Fans of the National Football League are no doubt familiar with the trials and tribulations of New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie who currently has ten children by eight different women and a wife who is expecting twins. While you would be tempted to think this would be approaching some type of modern-day record for the most children, you’d be wrong by a long shot. Last week, news outlets and internet media publications were abuzz over a story involving a Tennessee man who is currently dealing with major child support problems because he has 30 children with 11 different women.

According to reports, Desmond H. of Knoxville, Tennessee, is currently in and out of family court over his failure to meet his child support obligations for his 30 kids who range in age from three (the youngest) to fourteen (the oldest).

Part of the problem appears to be that Desmond H., 33, holds a job that pays only minimum wage. Specifically, while he has to turn over 50 percent of his earnings for child support — the most allowed under Tennessee law — this still amounts to very little when divided among his many children.

In fact, reports indicate that some of the mothers of Desmond H.’s children receive as little as $1.49 per month.

Interestingly, Desmond H. — who claims to know the names, ages and birthdays of all 30 kids — proclaimed “I’m done” in an interview with a local television station back in 2009, indicating that he was through having kids. However, in the time since that interview, he went on to have nine more children.

While it’s unclear as to where Desmond H.’s support obligations currently stand, he remains something of a fixture at the local courthouse.

“Yes, we’ve got several cases with [Desmond H.],” said one exasperated assistant supervisor with Knox County’s child support office.

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