Is money the number one issue behind Texas divorces?

It’s not hard to think of the many issues that can cause a marriage to fail. The obvious topics that come to mind are children, in-laws, and sex — perhaps even household chores — all of which have a good chance of leading a marriage down the road to divorce. Texas residents may, however, also find that what one researcher claims to be the number one cause of a break-up is not exactly a great surprise: money.

According to an assistant professor of family studies, issues of finance result in harsher words and tend to remain unresolved for a longer time than other matters. They also tend to place a greater degree of strain on the kids. The researcher compiled data from interviews with thousands of couples across The United States and found that arguments concerning money were an overwhelming sign of a break-up — it was also found to be irrelevant whether the family income was high or low.

It’s hard to ‘escape’ a financial issue; money is a vital part of day-to-day life that families can’t walk away from. It’s also an issue that can lead to power struggles within a relationship. According to the researcher, if a new couple starts arguing about money, the relationship can’t be counted on to last very long.

Some couples may think it’s best to stay together in an unhappy marriage because they feel that financial matters will only get worse for them after a divorce. This may not be the best bonding mechanism in a relationship and Texas residents attempting to go this route may soon find themselves either contemplating or facing a divorce. The aftermath of a divorce may not always be the outcome one or both of the partners hoped for and the determining factor in one’s ability to get back on their feet can have much to do with their having sought the assistance of someone both knowledgeable and experienced in obtaining a fair and equitable settlement.

Source: WIBW, “KSU Professor Talks Top Predictor For Divorce, Gives Advice,” Lindsey Rogers, July 29, 2013