Cost of divorce is a primary concern for many in Texas

When a Texas marriage is on the rocks, many spouses feel as if they are trapped within an unfulfilling or unhappy union. For some, concerns over the welfare of shared children are an issue. For many, however, the number one concern when considering divorce is the cost of ending a marriage. Many couples remain together for years after their marriage has failed, simply due to worries over the potential financial fallout.

One recent study looked into the matter, and compiled data from surveys from 890 individuals and 447 attorneys. Respondents without children claimed that the cost of divorce was their number one concern, followed by worries over property division and the length of time needed to complete the process. Couples with children placed child custody at the top of their list, but concerns about the cost of divorce was the next most pressing issue.

Divorce involves a number of uncertainties, from how an individual will react emotionally to how their life will be structured after the end of the marriage. Financial uncertainty is an understandable source of stress, as money in many ways equates stability. However, remaining in an unhappy marriage in order to avoid financial uncertainty is never the best course of action.

With the proper planning and legal advice, Texas spouses can move through the divorce process with manageable legal fees. Legal strategies can be implemented that can protect one’s assets and income, which can help pave the way for future financial stability. For those who are considering divorce, the first step is to gain comprehensive knowledge of Texas divorce law and processes, so that the transition can begin using the most beneficial approach.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce Study Indicates That Cost Of Splitting Up Is Top Concern For Divorcing Couples,” Aug. 1, 2013