Houston homicide detective facing allegations of bigamy

In a very interesting divorce-related story out of Houston, a police homicide investigator was relieved of duty last week over allegations that he may have engaged in bigamy, meaning he was married to more than one woman at one time.

Specifically, the Houston Police Department is currently conducting an ongoing criminal and administrative investigation into the conduct of homicide investigator David G., 34, who joined the department back in 2001.

According to reports, Sarah G., 24, officially filed for divorce from David G. back on May 25, 2011 — less than a year after the couple was married — citing both adultery and cruel treatment.

“[David G.] and I separated on or about May 16, 2011. Since this time I have learned that [David G.] has moved to another home, with another woman and does not plan on returning to our home,” reads the divorce petition. “I have also learned that he is having an affair and claims we were never married.”

Interestingly, a marriage certificate from Walton County, Florida shows that David G. married another Houston woman on June 17, 2011, less than a month after the filing of the divorce petition.

David G. and Sarah G. were finally granted a divorce on January 20, 2012.

It is worth noting that under Texas law, a person has a defense to prosecution for bigamy if they “reasonably believed” that their prior marriage was dissolved by death, divorce, or annulment.

Thus far, David G. has chosen to remain silent on the matter.

“Due to the fact that there is a pending criminal and pending administrative investigation, he’s not going to issue a comment at this time,” said David G.’s union attorney. “We want the investigation to run its course with integrity.”

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