Celebrity divorce settlement contains unusual item

Texas music fans may be familiar with the band The Black Keys. The group has achieved a high level of success in the music industry, including three Grammys in this year’s ceremony alone. However, the lead singer of the band, Dan Auerbach, has made recent headlines with the conclusion of his divorce and the details of the settlement.

Among the property that Auerbach’s former wife will receive as part of the settlement is a 2012 Toyota Highlander. She is also slated to get more than $5 million, although it is unclear how that will be paid out. However, among the marital property that the couple divided was at least one highly unusual piece of rock and roll memorabilia.

The couple apparently owned a lock of hair belonging to the singer Bob Dylan. There is no word on how they acquired the hair, but the property was valuable enough to both parties to be included in the settlement agreement. There is also no word on how the property may have been given a value, or handled during negotiations.

While this may seem like an odd item to include in one’s divorce negotiations, it is illustrative of the fact that each and every couple has a unique set of divorce needs. What is essential to some parties may be utterly worthless to others. However, when a couple in Texas or elsewhere cannot come to an agreement on how to divide items of marital property, negotiations and in some cases, a courtroom appearance may be the result. In this case, the parties seem to have reached a settlement that is acceptable to both, and can now move on to their new lives as singles.

Source: Huffington Post, Dan Auerbach Of The Black Keys Finalizes Divorce, Gives Up Bob Dylan’s Hair In Settlement, No author, Aug. 22, 2013