Adoption: More children are finding new homes

The majority of children in foster care long for a feeling of permanency. That goal may be showing signs of coming true for more children through adoption. Recent figures are reflecting that families are seeking to provide these foster children with a feeling of family and stability. Some of these children may have found their new beginning in Texas.

A recent report concerning foster children and adoption has reportedly shown a slight increase in the number of children who have found homes. While the improvement is only slightly higher than the previous year, for the children involved it is considered good news. Figures show that more than 36 percent of recorded adoptions have involved children in foster care.

Some of the workers in the social services field have reportedly stated that not all children who are in the foster care system would need to be adopted. Some may be reunited with families while others may eventually go to live with relatives. Meanwhile, the children who remain in the system will continue to require care and support while they await a home and family of their own.

The children in foster care are more likely to be older than seven and more than half of them are boys. Figures show that there are close to 400,000 children that are currently in foster care. Texas more than likely has its share of children awaiting a family. There are resources in the state that could provide information to families who may be considering helping a child find love and stability through an adoption.

Source: USA Today, “Adoption numbers rising for kids in foster care,” Cathy Payne, Aug. 12, 2013