Will massive collection of designer shoes scuttle divorce settlement?

Will a collection of designer shoes scuttle a divorce settlement between a hedge fund manager and his ex- wife?

According to reports, the hedge-fund boss is suing his former wife, a famed professional poker player, claiming that she didn’t tell him about the 1,200 pairs of designer shoes that she owned when the couple went through divorce proceedings three years ago.

The hedge-fund boss is claiming that his former wife hid the collection of shoes from him, perhaps stowing the footwear in a secret room in their Fifth Avenue apartment.

The issue is important because the financier is claiming that the value of the shoe collection may mean that he is entitled to possibly hundreds of thousands of additional dollars in the couple’s divorce settlement.

Interestingly, stories indicate that the poker player’s shoe passion has received plenty of publicity. In fact, The New York Post is reporting that the poker pro is known as one of the world’s top collectors of footwear, and that her collection of shoes has even been featured in print and on the MTV show Cribs.

The poker player told the Post that it is highly unlikely that her former husband did not know of her extensive shoe collection. Her ex, though, claims that he only found out about it last year.

While the case may sound frivolous, the eventual ruling bears watching. The judge in this case will have to determine a host of complex issues, including just how likely it is that the former husband didn’t know about his wife’s shoe hobby.

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