Unbridled Parties – the celebration of divorce as a life change

Once upon a time, divorce left many, especially women, with an unpleasant stigma to carry. Marriages were supposed to be “until death do us part,” and those that dared to question this were often made to pay a price by society.

Now, however, with over 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, those that choose to escape unhealthy relationships are redefining what divorce means in modern society. In fact, some are even throwing parties.

“Unbridled showers” are becoming increasingly popular across the country, as women choose empowerment over guilt after the end of their marriages. Men are celebrating as well, but typically choose a night out on the town as opposed to a party at the house.

In fact, an entire industry has now popped up around these events, with websites and suppliers offering up a slew of divorce celebration good and services. “Kiss Me! I’m a Proud Divorcee” buttons are just one example of the many products offered to help people along with the divorce process.

The companies providing these goods and services likely saw a huge jump in profits in January, as the first month of the year typically sees more divorces than any other. Whether from the stress of the holidays or the desire to fulfill a powerful New Year’s resolution, enough divorces happen in January to earn it the title of National Divorce Month.

Divorce has always been a solution to unhealthy relationships. The fact that society is now acknowledging it more and more as such is certainly encouraging. While it is not an easy decision to make, it appears that those who have to go through divorce are getting the support they deserve, instead of the judgment that only makes a difficult situation even harder.

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