The risks of social media when getting a divorce

When a Texas couple chooses to divorce, the number of factors that enter into how it will be settled are many. At the end of a marriage, emotions are undoubtedly running high with vast concerns. Although it might seem innocuous, keeping track of social media and what is posted there can be important.

There are numerous potential risks of taking part in social media. Legally, there can be incriminating pieces of information that can be utilized during the divorce proceeding. For example, if a person claims to not be able to afford spousal support but posts pictures of new purchases or a vacation, it can be harmful. Social media posts are also there to stay. Even if something that is a potential negative is deleted, there is a chance that it can be found and used in the case regardless of its context.

Emotionally, there can be a negative impact of taking part in social media. Seeing how happy others are with their lives during a tumultuous personal time can exacerbate negative feelings that arise because of a failed marriage. Also, complaining about a divorce or a relationship with negative comments about the other party can fracture the relationship. This is particularly harmful if there are children involved.

Keeping personal matters private and trying to be aboveboard during this period can be severely hampered by social media posts and comments. While seeking guidance and comfort from others might help in the short run, it can cause problems afterward, so it might be best to avoid it. The end of a marriage can be difficult enough without having to deal with public bitterness, so it may be best to vent with a family law attorney rather than on Facebook.