Surveys show social media as a growing issue in divorce

There are many reasons why a couple in Texas will choose to move forward with a divorce. In the past, infidelity, incompatibility and unhappiness were explanations for the end of a marriage. As technology has increased, new issues have arisen to cause couples to part ways. One that is becoming more prevalent is behavior on various social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and others.

A survey indicated that almost 25 percent of 2,000 British people who took part stated that they argued with their partner at least once per week about their activities on social media. Seventeen percent stated that these fights happened on a daily basis. It was also found that 58 percent of those in the poll said that they knew the passwords their partners used for social media sites.

In the United States, a poll of attorneys specializing in divorce showed that 81 percent said that there was a rise in cases that used evidence found on social media over the previous five years. Facebook was the most popular social media site with 66 percent of the lawyers saying that used evidence that they found on that site.

Perceived unfaithfulness can cause emotions to run high. Many might believe that there is no harm in chatting with people through social media. However, it can be a fine line between harmless interaction and acts that are offensive to one’s partner. With the rising number of people who are involved in social media and the number of people whose marriages are in jeopardy because of it, it is not a small issue. Deciding on a termination of marriage happens for many reasons and, as this study shows, social media behavior is one that is growing significantly.