Summer vacation planning for divorced parents

Summer vacation can be a stressful time for divorced parents in Texas. Because children’s schedules change during the summer months, it is important to sort out a parenting plan before the school year ends. Children often adjust better to a divorce if the parents cooperate, so it is vital that both ex-spouses are involved in the planning process. Miscommunications will likely occur at some point during the summer vacation, and ideally, any disputes should be resolved through communicating with one another or attending remediation.

It may be helpful for parents to write down their children’s new schedules on a calendar, so there is less chance for confusion about what activities they are attending. The older a child is, the more parents will have to consider their preferences. If parents are planning to take a vacation with the children, they should provide their ex-spouse with ample notice so the other person can make their own plans.

Parents may need to consider if summer vacation time alters their child support order. Even if parents are having a conflict, they should make child support payments and stick to the agreed upon visitation schedule because this will decrease the stress involved for the child.

If are a divorced parent, a family law attorney might be able to assist you in dealing with issues involving child custody and child support. He or she can advise you on whether joint managing conservatorship or sole managing conservatorship would be a better arrangement based on your family’s situation, and he or she can assist you in working out a visitation schedule. Ex-spouses will need to make a parenting plan, which includes agreeing on where a child will live and which parent has a right to make decisions about the child’s education.