Sociologists discuss why women seek divorce more often than men

Texas residents may be aware that research has found wives ask for a divorce more often than husbands do, but they may not have known that this may not be the case when couples decide to live together without getting married. Researchers came to this conclusion after studying the responses of over 2,000 opposite-sex couples to questions about their relationships. The findings were discussed by the researchers during a presentation before the American Sociological Association.

According to the research, 69 percent of divorce proceedings are initiated by women, but unmarried men and women who live together are equally likely to seek an end to their relationships. The Stanford University professor who led the study speculated that married women may be less happy than their cohabiting contemporaries due to outdated gender roles. The professor points out that gender equality has improved greatly in the workplace and society in general, but wives are often still be expected to fulfill most housekeeping and child rearing responsibilities.

According to the professor, unmarried couples living together did not feel the need to conform to arcane traditions, and this made them better equipped to deal with the challenges of life. He also said that cohabiting couples were generally less concerned about expectations and often felt under less pressure than couples who had walked down the aisle.

The end of a marriage is often difficult, and the complex legal and financial details involved can make the process confusing as well as emotionally draining. Experienced family law attorneys could address these issues during an initial divorce consultation while explaining how delicate negotiations over matters such as alimony or child custody can quickly become contentious. Attorneys may recommend that spouses be willing to listen to one another and consider a compromise to avoid the unpredictability of a court action.