Self-representation in a divorce may not be a good idea

When Texas couples see their marriages coming to an end, some may believe they can handle the ensuing divorce themselves without the need for legal representation. Do-it-yourself divorce could be an option if the marriage was brief, there are no children and few assets and both parties are in agreement on all issues, but in most situations, proceeding without legal representation could be a costly mistake.

Divorce law is complicated, and if a person tries to go it alone, it could lead to difficulties and possibly try the patience of the judge. A judge may be less sympathetic to someone who is causing problems in the courtroom because they lack skills in self-representation. A divorcing spouse’s personal emotions could also conflict with his or her efforts to make a legal case. An attorney could provide objective advice and representation.

Attorneys who practice family law have knowledge and experience beyond what the average person has. Experience in handling other cases could allow an attorney to suggest options that a divorcing spouse may never have thought of.

It is also important to understand that paperwork is a major component of any divorce proceeding. It is extremely important to file all required paperwork and fill it out completely and accurately. Mistakes can delay the proceedings and possibly have an effect on the judge’s viewpoint. A family law attorney can guide a divorcing spouse through the paperwork, making sure that it is all completely and accurate.

Handling settlement negotiations while emotions are running rampant can be extremely difficult without legal representation. An experienced family law attorney can work with a divorcing spouse on obtaining a comprehensive agreement that addresses all applicable divorce legal issues and then submit it to the court for its approval.