San Antonio adoption clinic shuts down leaving families in limbo

Adoption Associates of San Antonio, Texas, shut its doors last week leaving many families in limbo as to the status of their adoptions. Very little information has become available about the reasons for the sudden closure. Some families in the process of adopting a child through Adoption Associates have contacted Adoption Covenant, an agency out of the Lubbock area. Some of these families have said the only information they have received is an email stating the company is no longer in business.

An outpouring of support for these families from other agencies around the state is helping to get the families back on track with their adoptions. A spokesperson for Adoption Covenant said it is rather shocking the agency just shut down without a transition period to work with other agencies to take over their active adoption cases. It makes it very frustrating for the families involved in the adoption process to not have any answers as to what is going on with their adoptions.

Adoption can be a lengthy, complex and expensive endeavor and to just be left hanging without any answers is leaving many prospective parents desperate for information, and terrified they may have to start all over. Some families simply cannot afford to start over and pay the necessary fees involved. There is a lot of fear and panic with many families left wondering what happened to their money.

Becoming a parent through adoption can be one of the most joyous events in life. To help ensure an adoption goes smoothly it can be beneficial to consult with an adoption attorney who will work directly with you and on your behalf at every step in the process. Many of the families involved with Adoption Associates paid thousands of dollars in adoption fees up front. Lesson learned here is it might be better to pay adoption fees in incremental amounts to avoid being left in limbo by the sudden closure of an adoption agency.

Source:, “San Antonio adoption agency shuts down,” April 10, 2012