Realtors Now Catering to Divorcing Couples

Divorcing couples are forced to deal with a multitude of demanding legal issues from child custody and child support to alimony and property division. In addition, they must cope with equally demanding non-legal issues such as relocating, adjusting to single life, spending limited time with the kids and even selling their home.

In fact, whether the decision to sell the marital home was court ordered, part of a property settlement or simply the product of a mutual decision, it can prove to be a difficult and altogether stressful process.


Many couples will attempt to sell their homes immediately after a divorce, a time in which they are likely experiencing great sadness and anger. Unfortunately, these emotions can cloud their judgment and/or lead to a lack of communication, jeopardizing potential sales.

This can prove to be especially costly in today’s real estate market.

Interestingly, a new wave of realtors who deal specifically with divorcing couples is emerging.

These realtors understand the unique challenges facing divorcing couples and strive to help them separate their emotions and secure the sale.

“Really it’s a simple, singular goal and that’s to, as efficiently as possible, get to the end of the road, which is the sale of their home,” said Scott Weeda, a Seattle-based realtor who caters to divorcing couples.

Having been divorced himself, Weeda understands how difficult a divorce can be and how important it is to have someone to rely upon when attempting to carry out such an important transaction.

“I felt alone when I was going through it personally,” he said. “And I know that usually if they let me participate how I work best in participating, they won’t feel alone in the process. And that’s important to me.”

Most importantly, he has developed certain strategies that help divorcing couples feel comfortable with completing the sale.

“I never try to force them to communicate together, which means a lot of separate and duplicate communication, so that neither ever has the impression that I’m trying to force an agenda of one on the other, he said.”

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