Grey divorce brings unique set of legal needs

When it comes to divorce, older Americans have a different set of legal needs as compared to their counterparts in their 20s or 30s. For many Texas residents who are considering a split as they near retirement, a wide range of questions and concerns arise. In order to best address the financial and legal needs, Boomers should research the divorce process and how the change in family status might affect their own scenario. Once they have achieved a desirable divorce settlement, many find that an exciting new world of possibilities awaits.

A recently published article aims to provide baby boomers with advice for handling the aftermath of a divorce. One tip for reentering the world as a single person is to take advantage of the connections that one has already established. Spending time with family and friends is an excellent way to find the support and encouragement needed to adjust to life as a single person, especially for individuals who were married for a long period of time.

Another suggestion for older Americans who go through a divorce involves embracing technology. Times have changed at a lightning pace over the recent decades, and technology has touched virtually every realm of our lives. By engaging in tech-fueled experiences such as Facebook or other social media sites, older individuals can maintain existing relationships in a new way, and reestablish ones that may have fallen to the wayside over the years.

When making the transition from married to single, boomers in Texas and across the nation should make every effort to reach out and interact with others. Becoming isolated and disconnected is likely to breed unhappiness at a time when the world offers a wealth of opportunity and potential. For older people who are able to emerge from divorce with sufficient assets to fund their retirement years, the end of one era can be viewed as the beginning of another.

Source: Huffington Post, “The Gray Divorce: Tips for Baby Boomers Experiencing Divorce,” Allison Pescosolido, June 17, 2013