More men questioning paternity

In a rather shocking development, it appears that more and more men are doubting that the children their significant others are carrying are actually theirs. And because of this, a growing number of them are requesting that the women claiming to be pregnant with their children take paternity tests. It’s an interesting wrinkle that could have a significant impact on future child custody cases.

According to a recent report, Identigene — a company that sells paternity tests — conducted a survey that found that one in 10 people would prefer a paternity test.

The survey also found that one in five respondents have known a family member or friend who questioned the paternity of the child that their significant other was carrying.

“It’s important for children and families to know the truth about paternity as it can impact a child’s health, as well as their emotional health and well-being for years to come,” said Steven Smith, executive director of Identigene.

Interestingly, Smith also reported that the sales of Identigene paternity tests tend to rise during the first quarter of the year. The reason? Smith says that people often use the start of a new year as inspiration to address paternity questions.

Another potential explanation advanced by experts as to why the number of paternity tests are on the rise is the popularity of television talk shows that make paternity testing a central theme, and the lower number of people opting for marriage, meaning financial support becomes all the more important.

The survey could have an impact on future child custody/child support cases. For example, if more and more people are taking paternity tests, this means more and more people will inevitably be taking to the courts to figure out who is responsible for supporting a child financially and who is entitled to shared custody/visitation rights.

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