More former spouses turning to ‘divorce specialist’ realtors

From divorce coaches and divorce party planners to divorce resorts, our blog has examined many niche businesses that have been born out of the divorce process. Interestingly, it appears that another type of divorce-related business is now popping up with greater frequency across the United States: realtors who specialize in divorcing couples.

While you may question the need for such a realtor, consider just a few of the issues that can arise when a divorcing couple decides to sell their home:

  • The former spouses may continue to live together under the same roof but reside in entirely different sections complete with seemingly out of place locks and temporary walls
  • The former spouses may fight every time they are together and avoid speaking to each other whenever possible
  • One spouse may not be entirely eager to sell the home, and attempt to slow or even sabotage the sale

These are the difficult situations that these divorce-specialist realtors not only embrace but thrive in.

Many realtors have mastered the patience and dedication required to navigate these situations, including learning how to make their clients as comfortable as possible during an already stressful time.

“I think it’s very important to remember that these people are not trying to be difficult on purpose,” said one realtor. “This is just one aspect of a big picture they’re dealing with. They may have other money, maybe other properties. What if they have children?”

Perhaps more importantly, these realtors have also learned how to maximize profits on the sale their clients’ homes. To that end, they know tricks of the trade like keeping the divorce under wraps so prospective buyers won’t think the homeowners are desperate to sell, making sure the home looks presentable and appealing during viewings, and keeping problem spouses from making a mess of things.

While working with such a realtor can prove advantageous, it’s important for divorcing couples to understand that they do not hold a special license outside of the standard real estate license. However, many have taken classes granting them what is called a divorce certification.

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