More people getting remarried — and getting divorced

Not surprisingly, a quick glance at the numbers examining U.S. marriages offers a somewhat pessimistic view.

According to these statistics, 43 percent of marriages involve at least one party entering into their second or third marriage. And the odds of divorce only get worse from there — according to the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, second marriages face a 67 percent divorce rate. For third marriages, it’s 74 percent.

But marriage is a societal and cultural norm, and many people remain undeterred by the numbers, choosing instead to put their faith in themselves and their soon-to-be spouse in the hopes that they can become part of the fortunate minority.

Nevertheless, when it comes to giving marriage a second or even third try, there are additional challenges that should to be considered — especially because the contributing factors in one divorce could become a problem once again.

Before entering into a second or third marriage, couples should consider having an open, honest discussion about their plans for the future. This includes discussions on income, savings and children. For many couples it may be a wise decision to talk about executing a prenuptial agreement, laying out in clear and concise terms how important issues — property division, spousal support, etc. — are to be resolved.

Prenups are particularly beneficial to older couples who have retirement funds, carry wealth and/or assets into a marriage and have a shorter window of opportunity to earn income at a considerable scale. However, couples of any age — regardless of income — can benefit from a prenuptial agreement.

Couples should also consider how a second or third marriage can affect their living situation. For example, benefits from the first marriage — such as health care coverage or a pension — may disappear once another marriage commences. In these cases, it may be wise to consider speaking to a legal or financial professional who can offer guidance on how to properly address these sometimes sticky situations prior to entering into a second or third marriage.

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