Mom finds high-tech solution to common child-custody problem

Necessity, as the old saying goes, is the mother of invention. This was certainly true in the case of one divorced mom who was stressed out by trying to keep track of the visitation dates, appointments and many other daily details that are a part of the lives of divorced parents who are sharing custody of their children.

She looked for a computer program that would help her keep track of all of that information, but she couldn’t find one that was uncomplicated enough to be useful and that sold at a price she could afford.

“I needed something that could put everything straightforward, it wasn’t confusing,” she said. “And he knew what was going on, [and] I knew what was going on.”

So she took matters into her own hands and created a child-custody management system herself. In doing so, she not only solved her own problem, but also created a system that she believes will be useful to many other parents who are in a similar situation.

She named her system “Divaroo.” The name, she explained, came to her one day when her daughter came home and said, “Mom, I feel like a kangaroo. I jump from dad’s house, I jump from your house and back again.”

The online system includes features that enable parents to keep track of important details — visitation dates, appointments, emergency contacts, etc. — and share information with their ex-spouses.

No matter how the details are monitored track in shared custody arrangements, it’s important for the sake of the children that parents try to keep arrangements running smoothly, while also providing structure and consistency.

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