Man who failed to pay child support ordered not to have any more kids

In a very interesting story, a Wisconsin man who was recently given probation for failing to pay child support was ordered to comply with some rather bizarre conditions.

Earlier this month, 28-year-old John B. was placed on probation for two years after earlier pleading no contest to felony charges of failing to pay child support for over 120 days.

Along with the conditions that he maintain full-time employment, remain current on his child support, abstain from drugs/alcohol and attend counseling, John B. was also ordered not to father any additional children until his child support arrears have been paid in full.

As if this wasn’t odd enough, John B. was also ordered by the judge to divulge to any new female acquaintances within three minutes of meeting them that A.) he is a convicted felon and  B.) he has an outstanding child support obligation.

Interestingly, another Wisconsin judge included a similar condition prohibiting John B. from fathering any additional children back in December. However, that particular judge did not include the condition requiring him to divulge his status as a felon to potential dates.

Strange as it may seem, conditions such as these are fairly common in courtrooms across the country.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court reviewed a similar case back in 2001, upholding the lower court judge’s ruling ordering the defendant not to procreate until he was current with his child support obligation.

“[A] Wisconsin judge can take into account a broad array of factors, including the gravity of the offense and need for protection of the public and potential victims,” read the opinion.

The Ohio Supreme Court, however, overruled a similar condition in 2004. While it cited the Wisconsin case, it also distinguished it on the basis that the Ohio court in question did not provide relief from the ban on procreation in the event that the father brought his child support arrears current.

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