Making divorce easier for Texas divorcees

While stories of billionaire oil tycoon Harold Hamm’s $975-million check may come to mind in recent divorce settlements, not every divorce will be this extreme. The average Texas couple doesn’t have millions in the waiting, of course, but every dollar counts. With the right amount of preparation, couples can spend their money much wiser during divorce disputes.

For every 1,000 Texan couples who get married, 11 will be getting a divorce by year’s end. Individuals facing divorce can better utilize their funds by knowing when to speak to professional legal counsel versus when it might be a better idea to air out private matters with loved ones.

Whether the issue is discussing who will pick a child up from an athletic event or who will bring food to the school bake event, one should be wary of picking every battle. If a minor disagreement can be reasonably resolved without the company of attorneys present, then clients’ court expenses can be better used for more pressing issues, including legal advice and learning how to resolve divorce fund issues in a reasonable timeframe.

While mediators may be in the divorcees’ best interests if they can civilly come to a financial agreement without the court system, a lawyer’s primary intention is aid their client to the best of their ability. A spouse struggling with the divorce process might wish to enlist legal aid to intervene. On behalf of their client, an attorney may work to achieve a fair settlement while maintaining an amicable relationship between both spouses.

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