Looking to the future: Divorce and your children

While the end of your marriage may be something to celebrate, it may also leave you with a large amount of questions – especially concerning your children. Specifically, you may wonder how you can avoid inadvertently upsetting your children’s delicate emotional state or what you can do to comfort them during these tumultuous times.

Today’s post will briefly discuss five simple steps offered by family experts to help parents facilitate a smoother transition for their children to the post-divorce world.

Resist the urge to include children in any arguments with your former spouse

Depending on the circumstances, a divorce can prove to be especially painful and even downright hostile. Still, no matter how bitter the divorce may be, family experts advise leaving the children out of it. Engaging in a prolonged custody battle out of pure spite will ultimately end up doing more harm than good.

Remember to give your children their space

In the wake of a divorce, you may feel a very distinct void formerly filled by your ex-spouse. However, experts advise that you avoid using your children to fill this void. This means you must learn to deal with your own emotions, and give your children space to spend time with friends and other family.

Remain neutral and avoid creating waves

While it may be upsetting to learn that your former spouse has started dating again, it’s important to avoid making bitter comments. According to family experts, if you speak too harshly, it can make your children feel conflicted and even disloyal.

Maintain parental balance

If possible, family experts recommend that you and your former spouse reach some sort of mutual agreement concerning parenting. This means that you enforce the same sets of rules and do not undermine the other parent’s actions. This can create much-needed balance and structure for your children.

Be there for your children

While it may seem simple, family experts recommend that you always set aside time to spend with your children that is free from all distractions. This can be something as simple as a movie or a walk in the park.

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