Long list of boxers, wrestlers who’ve fallen behind in child support payments

As we all know by now, celebrities and athletes aren’t immune to failing to meet their child support obligations following the breakup of their marriages. A recent story by Yahoo! provides even more evidence of this.

1According to the story, former heavyweight champion and celebrity Evander Holyfield is now facing jail time for not meeting his court-ordered child support payments. Sources indicate that Holyfield has not made his payments in more than two years and owes roughly $375,000 in back child support.

Yahoo! reports that Holyfield, in addition to possible jail time, also faces the prospect of having his wages garnished.

Interestingly, the Yahoo story also ran down a list of fellow pro fighters and wrestlers who have failed to make their child support payments.

Former WCW wrestler Ricky Morton was allegedly behind on his child support payments by more than $73,000 when authorities arrested him in 2005. After paying back some of this sum, Morton was arrested a second time, this time in 2006, when he fell behind by more than $60,000 on his payments.

Paul Perschmann formerly wrestled as Playboy Buddy Rose in the WWE during the 1970s. In 1999, the state of Minnesota released his name on a list of men who were behind on their child support payments. Perschmann allegedly owed more than $36,000 in child support arrears when his name appeared on the state list.

Former pro boxer Marlon Starling was arrested about 16 years after he retired from the sport, according to the Yahoo! story. He had allegedly owed more than $30,000 in child support payments at the time of his arrest.

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