Lone Star divorce for Tony Parker and Eva Longoria

The divorce of San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker from his wife, television star Eva Longoria, has been the talk of Texas, and much of the nation for the past few months.

While many of the “news items” surrounding the couple’s impending divorce were more scandalous in nature, some actually explored one of the more interesting issues associated with the split.

Specifically, these news pieces – including this blog – discussed how Parker filed for divorce here in the state of Texas, while his soon-to-be former wife Longoria filed for divorce in the state of California, and the potential legal ramifications presented by this situation.

However, it appears as if much of this conversation was premature as it is now being widely reported that the couple was quietly granted a divorce by the state of Texas just last Friday.

According to these same reports, Longoria officially withdrew her California divorce petition after the couple agreed that Texas would serve as the forum for their divorce. (Interestingly enough, Texas was also the location where the couple executed a prenuptial agreement.)

For months, rumors persisted that the stage was being set for a prolonged and potentially hostile divorce because of accusations that Parker had been involved with another woman during the course of the marriage.

However, the couple has appeared together in public in recent months and a source close to them informed celebrity news website TMZ that the divorce was “amicable” and that all potential issues “have been resolved.”

At this point, it may be helpful to recall the some of the advantages of an uncontested Texas divorce, meaning a divorce where the couple is able to agree on all major issues (including property division and alimony/spousal maintenance, etc.):

  • Preservation of the relationship: Since couples avoid a lengthy and potentially unpleasant courtroom battle, there is a much better chance that they can maintain a civil relationship moving forward
  • Time: Uncontested divorces can be finalized in Texas in 60 days. This makes sense since all major issues have been agreed upon by the couple and contested hearings are unnecessary
  • Expenses: As previously stated, since all important issues were resolved by the couple in advance, legal expenses will likely be kept to a minimum

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