Is your Texas divorce literally making you sick?

Going through a divorce can be a challenge, even in cases in which both parties agree that ending their marriage is the best course of action. One aspect of Texas divorce that brings on a great deal of stress lies in the uncertainty of both the divorce process and one’s life after divorce. For many, high levels of stress can bring on a wide range of physical and emotional issues, leaving some literally and figuratively sick as the process wears on. The following tips are offered in the hopes that readers can anticipate some of the more common physiological responses associated with stress, and can take steps to mitigate the negative effects that they may encounter as they move through the divorce process.

One of the most serious and common signs of stress is lack of sleep. Sleep troubles can stem from changes in habit, such as sleeping alone after years of another person’s presence in the same bed. Heightened levels of cortisol can also lead to difficulties falling or remaining asleep. A few nights without proper sleep can bring discomfort or irritation; a few weeks can lead to serious health concerns. The best way to address sleep problems is to take proactive steps to solve the problem, including prioritizing sleep and implementing good sleep habits.

Another common reaction to elevated levels of stress is weight gain. Studies have shown that high levels of stress is linked to excessive abdominal fat. Elevated cortisol, a stress hormone, has also been linked to additional storage of abdominal fat. The best way to ensure that stress does not lead to lasting weight gain is to make healthy choices whenever possible, and avoid masking emotional distress with excessive or unhealthy snacking.

When coping with the difficulties of divorce, Texas spouses should understand that a certain level of stress is unavoidable. However, when stress responses begin to take a toll on one’s health, it is time to take action. Divorce is the beginning of a new life, one that can be designed around one’s own needs and desires. Individuals should strive to move forward into that life in good health, with the strength and energy needed to set and strive for new goals.

Source: Huffington Post, “Breaking Up: 7 Ways A Split Can Affect Your Physical And Mental Health,” Carolyn Gregoire, June 25, 2013