Is Fox’s ‘Glee’ sending the wrong message about adoption?

There is no question that adoption is a viable option for those couples seeking to expand their families and the joy in their lives. However, while adoption can prove to be a joyous experience, it’s important to remember that it can also be very difficult, not just in terms of potential legal issues, but in terms of emotions as well.

Specifically, the adopting couple, the parent giving the child up for adoption and even the children themselves may experience some level of anxiety, sadness and even anger.

Interestingly, it is exactly because of this that a large group of people has signed an online petition urging the producers of one of television’s most popular shows not to trivialize the emotional impact of the adoption process.

According to reports, over 2,600 people have signed a petition posted on requesting that both Fox TV and the show “Glee” tape a public service announcement discussing the truth about adoption.

The petitioners are concerned over a storyline in the current season of the highly-rated and critically-acclaimed series that examines how one character is seeking the return of her baby daughter whom she previously put up for adoption.

“For adopted children, the show raises the fear that they may be taken away from their adopted families,” reads the petition posted by Amber Austin’s petition, who adopted a child of her own last year. “And for young women facing unplanned pregnancies, many of whom are in Glee’s target demographic, the show gives the inaccurate impression that adoption is a temporary solution, not a permanent one.”

In general, the majority of states have some type of law in place that prohibit a mother from changing her mind once the adoption papers are signed or outlining a very narrow revocation window.

Still this is not deterring, Austin, who has yet to hear from any of Glee’s producers on the topic.

How do you feel about this issue? Have you seen the show in question? Do you support the idea of a public service announcement?

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