How can a divorce result in a luxurious getaway?

The simple truth is that the divorce process can be drawn out for months or even years for some couples. Not surprisingly, this can subject them to long periods of stress, anger, grief and other unpleasant emotions.

Now one Texas attorney is taking an interesting approach designed to both alleviate the stress of a divorce and expedite the process. It’s known as “divorce resort” — a process in which married couples check in to a lavish resort and check out with a divorce settlement.

Couples get to choose their location and are required to sign an agreement stating that they will leave the resort with a settlement in hand.

So far, the attorney says she’s seen hundreds of cases through to completion.

During the time they’re at the resort, the divorcing couple never has to see one another. Spouses can stay in their separate rooms while the attorney works as a mediator between the two of them.

When things get overwhelming, the spouses can take a break from the hard work and go enjoy the amenities offered by the resort.

While this new approach to divorce is undoubtedly tantalizing to some who want to put their marriage in the rear-view mirror as soon as possible, not everyone is in favor of this strategy.

Some experts contend that these “drive-thru” divorces devalue marriage and take focus away from the issues that really matter — particularly the grieving process that is a natural consequence of a divorce.

The attorney performing the resort-based divorces indicated that while the expedited approach isn’t for everyone, it has certainly drawn a lot of attention from couples across the country.

“I’ve been getting responses from all over. I’ve had emails from Virginia, Washington State,” she said.

What are your thoughts on the “divorce resort” approach?

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